Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I don't know how the stars were lined up this past week but it has been quite the week! My girlfriend's husband was killed in a tragic construction accident, then a grandaughter of a friend at work passed away -- she was only 13 days old. Then if you read Jana's blog, that will fill you in on what's been going on there along with Kyle's son, Brigham having RSV and it turned into brochioitis (that's different than bronchitis).

I'm so grateful for my family and the joy they bring to me. I'm also grateful for the plan of salvation and knowing that we will see each other again after this life. Life is so short -- forget some of the little things and enjoy!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

What a day! Serene's mother, Lois, came into town a couple days ago and we haven't had a chance to visit so we invited all of them over for dinner today. Jana then called and said they wanted to come over today as well, which was great -- they could pick up the file cabinet I had for them.

Before the morning was over, Kyle called and they weren't coming because Brigham has RSV. He had been up a couple times during the night and they really didn't want to take him out. Can't say as I blame them with all that is going on sickness wise right now.

Sidney then called and asked if we could go down and pick she and Cole up because Rett just had a seizure and their parents were headed to the doctor's clinic with him after having the ambulance there. Pretty scary . . . this has never happened before!

I definitely don't like it when two of the babies are sick!

Lois, Cole, Sidney, Ernie and I ended up eating this great turkey dinner! It wasn't quite the same but it worked out okay. At least we had plenty of food and we were able to send food home to the others. Lois, the kids and I even got in a few hands of Phase 10. We had a fun time.

I guess I should tell you that Rett ended up being okay. After calling the ambulance and then taking him to the clinic themselves, it was determined he had a feveral (not sure I'm spelling that right or not) seizure. When we took the kids home this evening, he was still pretty pale but did sleep for a while after getting home. Said he now has a 50% chance of having another seizure at some point. That's not very encouraging.

Hopefully Brigham is feeling better as well. This time of year is so hard on these little kids. There seems to be so much "stuff" going around with everyone lately. Lots of sinus and respiratory infections.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I was so glad we were all able to get together and get a picture of everyone! Kyle and Dale were working on the Provo Temple so we all met there and found this beautiful spot. It was so cold! We had fun, though. The kids all used it as a good excuse for us to take them out to lunch afterwards. We had a hard time finding a place open for lunch on New Year's Day but finally landed on Olive Garden. We had such a fun time!
Shalise and Devin came home for Christmas for two weeks from DesMoines, Iowa. Daelyn and Dirk then decided to drive up from Arizona the week after Christmas so they could see everyone too. All the kids seemed to enjoy being together and doing various things with each other. I know times like that won't happen very often so I enjoyed it while we had the opportunity.