Saturday, May 16, 2009

Summer Days . . .

Today was a beautiful day! It was so nice outside. I wanted everyone to quit running their lawnmowers, edgers and chainsaws so I could just enjoy the quiet. But you know, when this is everyone's only day to do all that stuff -- it seems that it starts really early!

My sister, BryAnn and her husband were with us quite a bit this week. We had a good time. To celebrate Mother's Day (and Mom's birthday) I had my brother, sisters, their spouses, and Mom and Dad over for dinner last Sunday night. We missed not having Craig and Brenda with us. We had such a nice time! I wish we all lived closer and could do that more often. It was an easy meal with Ernie's barbequed chicken and Kneaders close!

I'm excited for Shalise and Devin to drive out in two weeks. It will be fun to see them again. They were here at Christmas, but that was the last time. Now that she's pregnant, yes pregnant . . . it will just be different.

Well, Ernie and I are doing something different tonight and watching a video. Something we just don't do very often. I rented Benjamin Bear (which I understand is pretty long) and Yes Man. I hope he likes them! I'll have to let you know what we think. It's so hard trying to pick a movie out. Gotta run . . .

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  1. So nice to see that you have a family blog. Now I can keep up with your shenanigans. I miss you! You have been so very special to me and my kidlets. Keep smilin' -- Love, Linda Lou